Ore no Okanei!!!!!

This doujin collection is going well but not my funds, ahahaha... vampirenaomi, you were correct about it eating money... And now I've started liking Kuroko no Basuke and Free! too..... Ahhhh my lifeeeee!!! T^T xD
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First batch of APH doujins, arrived!

imageToday is an amazing day~ My first batch of 6 Hetalia doujins finally arrived in my mailbox~ Is very happy and surprised at how fast it took! Fancy them arriving from USA to Singapore... Such great distance indeed... They're in PREFECT CONDITION and are even in cardboard and bubble wrap! Loved doing business with Sarepthegreat, arigato! XD

About me~

I'm a female teenager from SINGAPORE~ I'm an otaku that loves Hetalia~ (Thus the reason why I wanna collect doujinshis~) I like immersing myself in new cultures (learning languages etc) and make new friends~ :3 (Especially Europe~ Fushigi!) Feel free to add me as a tomodachi~ We can teach each other new languages and talk more about anime and our countries~ I know English, Chinese and just a little Jap... >< Ciao~ VEVE~ ❤️😊😍🍀

Doujinshis Collection: Start~

Gonna start collecting hetalia doujinshis!

Is gonna buy Nordic pairings (Especially NORICE ❤️ Or any pairing that includes Ice~), Franada, Frain, AmeCan, Turkey x Greece, even Hungary x Prussia, UK x Spain (for ore no tomodachi) for preference!

Dakala minna, if you have any of these to sell, I'm very willing to provide them a new home~ ;)

Ore no Okanei... T^T